CADWorx Structure 2023

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This 3 day course will take the students through an extensive overview of the CADWorx Structure design software.  This course is designed to teach the commands and functions of each CADWorx Structure in order  to create and design 3D structural models as well as 2D drawings.  Students will gain skills and confidence navigating a 3D space within the CAD environment while using the CADWorx application to design 3D structures that will then be used to extract orthographic drawings.

A working knowledge of basic design or drafting procedures and terminology.  A working knowledge of Windows and general navigation of a computer. A pre-requisite of AutoCAD Fundamentals and More either at this school or another and must show Proof of Completion.

Course Fee: $1650         3 Days (24 hours) 8am-4pm each day

This course will be separated into 3 Days which will include the following topics:

  • CADWorx Structure user interface
  • Placing grid
  • General steel layout and design
  • Comprehensive steel shape libraries (columns, beams, etc.)
  • Area objects, (gusset plates, grating, base plates, etc.)
  • Assemblies, (handrails, platforms, stairs, etc.)
  • Concrete members, (slabs, foundation, footings, etc.)
  • Coping and mitering
  • Center of gravity
  • CIS/2 Export
  • Bill of Materials (setup, exporting and showing on drawings)

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