ATLAS CADWorx Project Configuration & Setups Application

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ATLAS is a proprietary application that has proven success to get projects completed faster, easier, and more accurate by keeping CADWorx project configurations separated and organized.

Design Your Next Project Faster

Atlas allows for easy organization of project configurations and easy access to proper project setups for all users. Once the CADWorx project configurations have been setup on your network in a consistent manner outlined in the documentation, ATLAS will launch CADWorx with the correct configuration and settings for the selected project. No more wondering about which piping specifications to use or which ISOGEN style to use, ATLAS will limit your selection to the correct information for your project. With ATLAS, all you have to do is select the desired project and start designing.

Increase Design Productivity

Each project in ATLAS is built around industry best practices. Streamlining, documenting, and creating a project specific design environment that will increase project turnaround times. ATLAS can also help restrict personnel access to the projects thus allowing the users to properly launch CADWorx for projects in which they have been assigned.

Increase Design Accuracy

Because ATLAS is project-centric which only allows access to specifications and configurations for the respective project that has been launched, the accuracy of piping BOMs in reports and on piping isometrics has been dramatically improved. This will also reduce checking time as a bonus. Moreover, Atlas can help pave the way for material control and interface with an ERP system.

Project Organization & Automation

Launch ATLAS with one click and find all your active design projects neatly stored and organized in the dashboard. All your project and configuration files are preloaded automatically, increasing design efficiency.

All users point to the same configuration file, whether on-site or off, and all standards and procedures are also accessible within the ATLAS dashboard.

Atlas can be managed by your in-house administration team using your local SQL Server database, or by Spectrum using our Cloud database model.

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