HELIOS Lite – Automated Isometric Border Population

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HELIOS Lite greatly improves efficiency in the creation, issuing, and tracking of piping isometric drawings in both AutoCAD Plant 3D and CADWorx. Its non-invasive design allows for advanced drawing border and continuation editing without requiring additional documents such as a secondary line list. Moreover, it does not require any changes in your CADWorx or Plant 3D isometric configurations.

Along with its non-invasive design, HELIOS Lite offers familiar Microsoft applications type editing such as Copy/Paste. Advanced filtering is also available to help you hone-in on the piping isometric drawings that you want to work with.

Direct Line List Connection

HELIOS Lite also maintains a direct link to your project Line List. Keep all your isometrics up to date with the project line list directly from the source project line list file. Re-extraction of Isometrics is not needed to update line list information in the isometrics.

Key features of HELIOS Lite:

  • Uses your current Line List without editing, modifying, etc.
  • Microsoft Excel functionality
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Advanced Attribute population
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