3D Intelligent Pipe Supports & Details

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Pipe supports are an integral part of any piping system, and here at Spectrum Solutions, we provide our clients a wide range of pipe support details along with the ability to create intelligent pipe supports within the model.

Pre-Built Detail Pipe Supports

Spectrum Solutions pipe support details are based on industry standards, such as the PIP standard.  All pre-built pipe supports provided by Spectrum Solutions includes the native AutoCAD file of the support detail, a PDF copy of the detail, and the required data files to reproduce the support in the specified CAD software.  All that is required by the user to begin modeling the intelligent pipe support within a project is to load the provided configuration files into the project.  All supports are intelligent and carry the Long Description, Tag and required information to create a full bill of material or take off sheet for the modeled supports.

Pre-Built Engineered Pipe Supports

Along with typical detail pipe supports, a project will inevitably have a need for engineered supports.  Spectrum has also created a large library of Engineered pipe supports with the functionality and flexibility to allow a designer to place them within a model as an intelligent support assembly.  No longer will the designer be required to model a support with “dumb” AutoCAD graphics or steel members to represent the support.  Just like our detailed supports, our engineered supports have full adjustment and flexibility to the allowances of the corresponding detail.  Material take off and bill of materials can report as an assembly or individual pieces of steel making up an assembly.

Pipe Support Detail File

Spectrum provides a detail sheet with every support we offer.  The detail sheet is provided in native AutoCAD so you have the ability to modify the document with your own project requirements and border related information.  All details are drafted using proper industry standards and will plot using default settings within AutoCAD.

Custom Pipe Supports for your Project

By using current up to date software technology such as CADWorx and AutoCAD Plant 3D, we can fabricate many kinds of standards supports as well as engineered designs provided by the client.  In the event your organization already has piping standards or a project with specific client standards requirements, Spectrum can create your 3D intelligent support for you.

Looking for Pre-Built or Custom Pipe Supports?

Spectrum has a large list of pre-built pipe supports for both CADWorx and Plant 3D in Imperial and Metric sizes.  Contact us today to get more information on our full list of available supports.

Here are examples of some our support details and their accompanying intelligent 3D supports:

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