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Whether you are new to AutoCAD Plant 3D and CADWorx or established users looking to increase your efficiency, Spectrum can assist with implementing project-proven methods and procedures within your business. Spectrum Solutions offers a wide variety of AutoCAD Plant 3D and CADWorx Implementation Services. These services include-but are not limited to—project setup, piping catalog and specification creation, and model folder structure and file naming.

AutoCAD Plant 3D Project Setup

Spectrum Solutions has solid experience with setting up AutoCAD Plant 3D projects in SQL Lite, SQL Express, and SQL in a cloud service. We can help make sure that all fields in the database are set up to provide accurate reporting as well as annotations on orthographic drawings. We can setup the piping isometrics to provide the cleanest drawing possible and create any reports and even add custom fields that may aid in material purchasing, tracking, or interfacing with an ERP system. We also help with visualization settings for the Plant 3D models and Navisworks.

CADWorx Project Setup

It is true that CADWorx does not have the complexity of AutoCAD Plant 3D regarding the setup of projects, but it is still important that proper configuration settings are made for optimal output of piping isometrics and BOMs/MTOs. Spectrum has the expertise to properly configure CADWorx for AutoCAD or BricsCAD as well as IsoGen to provide the cleanest drawing possible and create any reports that may aid in material purchasing or interfacing with an ERP system.

Spectrum Atlas Application

Take a look at our Atlas Project Launch application. This application will allow for better project management for users accessing CADWorx projects.

Piping Specifications

Accurate piping specifications are essential for efficient project execution as well as purchasing and material control. Moreover, the components need to behave correctly in the model and have dimensional integrity. Spectrum has gone through great lengths to ensure the accuracy of the piping specifications by revamping the catalogs supplied by Autodesk. This allows for flexibility in the descriptions of the components on BOMs/MTOs.

Spectrum-Created Piping Specs

Spectrum can provide you with pre-built specs for your projects or create new specifications from your paper specs. Visit our Spec Design page for more information.

Model File Naming and Folder Structure

Spectrum Solutions can help you develop a file naming and folder structure for your projects which can provide methods that will aid in visualization, project execution, and material extraction. Models can be set up to address “work packs” as well. These methods will also help keep the models in a smaller, more efficient format. This is particularly important when point clouds are utilized.

Interfacing with Other CAD Applications

While AutoCAD Plant 3D and CADWorx are great applications for piping design, they require other applications such as Advance Steel, CADWorx Structure, Civil 3D, Revit, etc. for complete plant design. Spectrum Solutions can provide a work process for interfacing the models/files from these different applications without changing the workflow of the other disciplines.

Isometric Configuration

Whether AutoCAD Plant 3D or CADWorx, Spectrum has the knowledge and experience to create isometric configurations that provide the highest quality graphics and accurate BOMs. We can create all types, spool drawings, shop or field isometrics, and simple isometrics for quick review.

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For more information about our CAD implementation services or to discuss your unique requirements, please contact us by phone at 713-936-3623 or complete the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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