Your Secret Tool for Success: A CADWorx Administrator

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CADWorx is a complex piping design software that can be used right out-of-the-box. Once you start using CADWorx for big piping design projects you quickly realize the software will need some tailoring to make it custom fit your specific needs & to work more efficiently.

To fully realize the power that CADWorx can bring to a piping design project, you need someone who is skilled using this feature-rich software product.

This is where the CADWorx Administrator becomes your best asset.

Differences Between a CADWorx Administrator & Piping Designer

When using CADWorx, a piping designer knows a lot about how to get to that finished project. They know about the buttons, commands, shape creations, custom 3D models and much more.

Unfortunately, piping designers rarely have the time to become a superuser of the CADWorx software.

It takes significant time and effort to understand all the little details and best practices of the CADWorx design software.  Knowing how to set up your work space to become faster or learning how to repeat design builds from one project to another is hard to figure out on the fly.

CADWorx Administrator conversely is dedicated to learning about all the intricacies and details around the CADWorx software and can be your best kept secret for CADWorx project efficiency.

The CADWorx Administrator

Utilizing a CADWorx Administrator to set up a project, create digital specs, build user-shapes and develop pipe support assemblies will ensure your design project will run smoothly and efficiently. It also allows your piping designer to stay on track and on-time to complete the project.

Setting up CADWorx to run like a well-oiled machine takes an intense understanding of the software’s capabilities and how to optimize it for optimal design performance. Few piping designers know how to create custom SKEY’s with the symbol editor or how to use I-Configure to create ISOGEN styles, all which greatly eliminate errors and speed up design time.

All this functionality comes ready-to-go with CADWorx but is buried within the software package and if you aren’t looking for it, then you can easily miss it. Furthermore, these tools take significant time to understand and use. So even if you do know where to look, should your piping designer be the one who takes time to research and learn about them?

The Benefit of a CADWorx Administrator

Like tools on a carpenter’s belt, each CADWorx tool has their own purpose, the CADWorx Administrator understands each of these tools and knows which one to use for a project. A CADWorx Administrator continuously uses all these tools and stays on top of software quirks and/or limitations.

The nuances in the software can wreak havoc on productivity and there is little information available on the Internet. Having a CADWorx Administrator to lead your project can save hours of design time.

A CADWorx Administrator will set up a piping design project with all mapped, necessary tools, captain the effort and lead the project down the most efficient path towards success.

Better CADWorx Design Efficiency

CADWorx Administrator will also take paper specifications and transform them into CADWorx compatible digital piping specifications to use within the CADWorx environment.

A properly built set of digital specs can make or break a project and is the foundation of productivity within CADWorx.

CADWorx has a built-in library of 80,000 components. A spec may need only 100 of these piping components. The CADWorx Administrator will narrow down the library, so the piping designer does not have to search through all 80,000 components in the catalog.

End types, like “Socket Weld” or “Threaded” are weeded out during the digital spec build process. These processes further increase productivity and reliability of the piping model. If the project scope requires something not in the CADWorx catalog or is “out-of-spec” then the CADWorx Administrator will create the needed component or user shape.

User shapes and specialty items, like control valves with actuators, not only look great in a model but serve a more important role with clash detection. Like digital specs, these user shapes are 3D digital representations of paper showing size and dimension.

CADWorx Administrator & Pipe Supports

Another aspect of CADWorx that makes it so powerful for 3D pipe modeling is the ease of creating pipe supports. These pipe supports must be created much like user shapes. A book of pipe supports will show minimum and maximum spans, sizes, loads, etc. The support components in CADWorx are separate pieces that must be combined to create the needed support.

Pipe supports built by a CADWorx Administrator will allow a piping designer to easily work the project with support components all built to company standards.

All of theses tasks need to be completed at the beginning of a project.

It is common for a CADWorx Administrator to front load a project at the beginning to ensure when the piping design team is set in motion they hit the ground running. Once the project starts the CADWorx Administrator is there to keep the piping designer’s tools efficient and accurate.

Just as a project needs a project manager to keep the project “on scope” a CADWorx Administrator is the expert craftsman supporting the pipe designer’s job.

Hire a CADWorx Administrator

Are you in need of a CADWorx Administrator for your piping design team? Then make sure to contact us. We are expert CADWorx Administrators who will cost a fraction of a full-time employee.  The best part is we scale our fees depending on your workload. If your projects increase then we adjust accordingly, and if your projects decrease, then so does our monthly fee.

Learn more by contacting us today and see if we are a good fit your CADWorx Administration needs.