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This 5-Day course is designed for individuals wanting to begin the process of learning Computer Aided Drafting skills. The objective of the course is to enable students to feel comfortable navigating the AutoCAD platform and creating 2D drawings in the AutoCAD Software. Along with 2D drawings students will receive an introduction to the 3D aspects of AutoCAD which will prime them for future training within the 3D CAD world. After completion of this course students will be well on their way to drafting 2D drawings efficiently.

A working knowledge of basic design or drafting procedures and terminology. A working knowledge of Windows and general navigation of a computer.

This course will be separated into 5 days and will be a comprehensive overview of AutoCAD to include the following topics:

  • Becoming familiar with the AutoCAD interface, (ribbons, toolbars, etc.)
  • Basic drawing and editing commands
  • Creating and editing drawings
  • Layout and Model space
  • Templates and layers
  • Advanced object types (polylines, ellipses, etc.)
  • Blocks – creating, inserting and editing
  • Text types and styles
  • Dimensioning – adding, editing and creating styles
  • Creating a custom workspace
  • Viewports
  • External references – overlay vs attached, relative vs absolute pathing
  • External references – attaching and modifying
  • External reference clipping
  • Plotting a drawing
  • Plot styles STB vs CTB
  • Drawing annotations
  • Hatching
  • 3D UCS and plane management
  • Creating 3D and composite solids
  • Modifying 3D solids